Digital Marketing & Innovation as a strategic leverage for the cosmetic End-customer

Cosmetics Marketing helps internal teams of Cosmetic Companies to:

  • Implement digital innovation in Marketing processes
  • Identify the latent needs of the target
  • Optimize Product Design Thinking Processes

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Enrico Giubertoni, I social nella Cosmesi, Tecniche Nuove Editore

Why choose Cosmetica Marketing

Social Media Marketing for the Beauty Industry: Enrico Giubertoni's book, I social nella Cosmesi, has been published.

Cosmetics companiesmust be able to cope with the pace of change of their customers and adapt their digital evolution proactively.

Consequently, it is necessary to align and involve employees and external suppliers to this new scenario.

From this specific approach has also been published a book of Digital Strategic Marketing entitled “I social nella Cosmesi” (in Italian for the moment)

with our contribution we help your company:

to integrate Digital Innovation and Strategic Digital Marketing into your business decision-making processes

to develop your specific digital marketing strategy in line with the expectations of your final customers

Your internal business functions will be aligned in communicating a consistent vision to the end customer

to Implement Data Driven Marketing methodologies and processes

Your company will adopt Artificial Intelligence based decision making applications to gain a full understanding of the needs and behaviors of your Cosmetic Customers (Data-driven decisions)

To line-up the Interior Departments of your Cosmetics Company

You will define the interdepartmental touch points to ensure a consistent customisation of the offer

Line-up the External Operating Suppliers of your Cosmetics business

Your cosmetic company will optimize the flow of communications between the cosmetic marketing department and external operating suppliers

Our approach to Corporate Coaching

Our approach to Strategic Marketing stems from an exclusive methodology created for cosmetic companies. From the effectiveness of this methodology, Enrico Giubertoni’s book, “I Social nella Cosmesi”, has been published.

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Cosmetica Marketing in the press

“I social nella Cosmesi” Book: Allure Magazine article

The Allure magazine is talking about the book "I social nella Cosmesi"

Review of Allure Magazine Italia at the publication of the book “I social nella Cosmesi”.

I nuovi paradigmi dei consumatori #Onlife

The new paradigms of #Onlife cosmetic consumers. Article written for Kosmetica Magazine (B2B national Magazine for Cosmetics Companies) Article by Enrico Giubertoni with Interview with famous italian entrepreneur Lucio Carli. Article written for Kosmetica Magazine (Italian B2B Magazine for cosmetics companies)

Lucio Carli is the Italian Cosmetics Entrepreneur who launched the first eCommerce in Italy in the year 1995.

Digital & Ecommerce: Allure interviewed Enrico Giubertoni (Founder of Cosmetica Marketing)

Digital & e-commerce: Il futuro passa dal web. Allure interviewed Enrico Giubertoni as expert in Cosmetics and Digital

Digital & eCommerce: il futuro passa dal web.

Allure Magazine Interviewed Enrico Giubertoni as expert in Digital for Cosmetics Industries

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Enrico Giubertoni, I social nella Cosmesi, Book. Enrico Giubertoni is the founder of Cosmetica Marketing - Strategic Digital Marketing for Cosmetics Companies