I social nella cosmesi (written in Italian), Social Media Marketing Strategies for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industries.

The first book in Italy dedicated to Social Media Marketing applied to the specificities of the cosmetic world. It contains a proprietary methodology for the cosmetics industry (written in Italian).

How this book is organized

Specificity of the cosmetic world – Introduction to the Digital Framework – Cosmetics that will come. 3 sections each one with specific purposes.

I social nella Cosmesi: what you’ll achieve when you read it

The cosmetic sector has a unique relationship between user and product. This resonates in the social media. This book shows you the specifics. You come out of it knowing the DOs and don’ts of the social cosmetics strategy

Through this methodologyyou will be able to identify user needs through the Data Driven Decision, you will be able to create your own strategies and measure the resultsby allocating the right budget.

SMART Package, Wearable Device, Internet of things: how sensory objects change your user relationship with cosmetic products. Wearable Cosmetics


  • For those who want to understand the dynamics and scenario of Social Media Marketing in the cosmetics industry

  • For those who want a marketing methodology to define a cosmetic campaign on social media

  • If you want to understand the relationship between the consumer cosmetic communities and digital

  • If you are a CEO or a marketing manager and want to have a global view of digital strategy

  • If you want to understand how the digital transformation is impacting the cosmetics industry

  • If you want to understand how to use Data Driven Decision Making processes for the cosmes industry


  • For those looking for a generic book on web marketing: this book is in fact on the dynamics of cosmetics

  • For those who are looking for a generic manual on how to use Facebook: this book deepens Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but from the point of view of strategic analysis and measurement of results

Who mentioned it

Our approach to Strategic Marketing stems from an exclusive methodology created for cosmetic companies. From the effectiveness of this methodology, Enrico Giubertoni’s book, “I Social nella Cosmesi”, has been published.

Allure Magazine Italia, Kosmetica News and many other magazines have been reviewing it …

The Allure magazine is talking about the book "I social nella Cosmesi"

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Enrico Giubertoni, I social nella Cosmesi, Book. Enrico Giubertoni is the founder of Cosmetica Marketing - Strategic Digital Marketing for Cosmetics Companies