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Public Speaking Services

Speaker: Enrico Giubertoni

Public Speaking Services

Speaker: Enrico Giubertoni

Since 1992 I have been invited to national and international conferences and events as a Public Speaker specializing in Strategic Digital Marketing & Cosmetic Industry.

I was Guest Speaker at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Cosmofarma, Web Marketing Festival as well many conventions and corporate events.

Intervention Types







Designing the Public Speaking intervention

My approach to Public Speaking involves a careful audit of the client’s needs and adherence to the results to be obtained.


The services of Public Speaking have been designed for all the realities that operate or want to operate in the Cosmetic industry:

  • Cosmetic companies
  • Providers of digital solutions for the cosmetics world
  • Service companies useful to the cosmetics world
  • Research Centres
  • Trade Associations
  • Private Label companies
  • Digital Broadcasting and TV broadcasting
  • Other categories
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Foreign languages and localizations

My types of speeches are national or international.

The interventions can be made in:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
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With my Public Speaking activity I help different companies in the cosmetics business to spread the culture of digital marketing:

  • as a strategic function to understand the expectations of the cosmetic consumer
  • As a strategic driver to meet and satisfy the expectations of the cosmetic consumer
  • As a strategic role enabling digital business innovation
  • As an interdepartmental corporate touch point to ensure a constant customization of the offer
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Case Histories

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide your professional activities in E.U. and more generally worldwide?2020-08-17T10:23:22+02:00

Yes, I can work in the EU and other countries.. I work worldwide where there are no health/logistical/safety risks ( at my personal discretion) or where there are no risks to travel. I love traveling, I love working in multicultural environments

How much does a business of yours cost?2020-08-17T10:18:59+02:00

The consulting, training and public speaking activities are designed together with the client on the purpose you want to achieve. The cost is therefore advisory and depends on the context and the service you need and the goals you want to achieve. Contact me for a quote

I would like to include the possibility of launching interactive services such as surveys during the speech. But my Webinar platform won’t let me. Can you do that for me?2020-08-17T10:30:51+02:00

Yes, I do. I have technical solutions that allow me to do surveys and other types of interactive services both live and online regardless of the platform your company uses.

I’d like you to help me promote my event. Can you do it for me?2020-08-17T10:33:02+02:00
What kind of events do you attend as a speaker?2020-08-17T10:35:47+02:00

Every kind of event, both online and offline: Conferences, conventions (offline and online), webinars and Radio/TV broadcasts.

what kind of Public Speaking activities do you conduct and where do you do these activities?2020-08-17T10:26:41+02:00

My Public Speaking activities are held live/personally (conferences / events / at your offices) or online (webinars, Podcasts, online conferences, TV, radio, Online Streaming) live or deferred.

What languages do you use for your activities?2020-08-17T10:34:49+02:00

I can deliver my activities inItalian, English and French.

Why should I choose Enrico Giubertoni?2020-08-17T10:16:07+02:00

Because thanks to my digital consulting activities I have helped many cosmetic companies to develop a strategic Digital Marketing and Innovation culture for the Cosmetics industry.

  • Because I am the author of the first book in Italy and Europe to deal with Social Media Marketing.
  • Because I have been several times speaker at the most famous International Events in the industry.
  • Because I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing since 1993.

And all this increases the quality of the results you want to achieve and your corporate reputation.

How many years studying Digital Strategies


Ho potuto assistere alle lezioni che Enrico ha tenuto al Master IED in Brand Management per la Certificazione Hootsuite degli studenti: è un insegnante fantastico. Riesce a coinvolgere tutti, a rendere chiaro ogni concetto anche alle persone meno avvezze all’utilizzo degli strumenti di social meda marketing a trasformare ogni lezione in un divertente evento basato sulla condivisione di esperienze, in aula quanto sulla Rete
Alessandra Colucci, IED - Maser Brand Management - Roma

Enrico participated as a guest in 2 webinars organized by me at Hootsuite.  It is a pleasure to listen to him while explaining the best strategies for social media.

He is really able to help small and medium businesses to grow using social media.

Chiara Grassilli, Hootsuite Media Inc.

Anche se conoscevo “digitalmente” Enrico da molti anni, grazie al suo Blog e alla sua presenza sui canali social, ho avuto l’occasione di incontrarlo durante un Mashable Day a Milano.

Credo che Enrico sia ad oggi il più preparato Digital marketer nel campo della cosmetica in Italia. Consiglio Enrico per la sua competenza, per i suoi modi signorili e la sua tranquillità interiore.

Leonardo Bellini, LinkedIn for Business
Enrico has been contributing to our group for 2 years giving Marketing and Communication lessons on (the free online computer school), writing great stories for the related blog and helping developing the general group strategy. Because of his accuracy, his punctuality and his skilled experience he’s now without doubt one of the contributor that cannot absolutely be renounced.
Marco De Rossi, WeSchool